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Media Superannuation Fund Details

What is Media 's USI number? 42574421650001

USI number is short for Unique Superannuation Identifier number. It was introduced as part of the SuperStream system, which came into effect in July 2014. The SuperStream system was introduced as a result of the Australian Federal Governments 'Stronger Super' reforms. The Stronger Super review was conducted between 2007 & 2013 and focused on the operation of Australia's superannuation scheme, it's structure and it's efficiency. SMSF funds are not issued a USI number, instead they use their ABN number as an identifier.

Media Super USI Number (Unique Superannuation Identifier)
Media Super USI Number:42574421650001

What is Media 's SPIN number? PIN0100AU.

SPIN number is short for Superannuation Product Identification number. A SPIN number identifies a super fund product, as opposed to the business entity, fund or trustee. It is used by government organsations and financial institutions to identify the super fund products that belong to a superfund. A superfund may have many products, each identified by a spin number, which are often referred to as 'superannuation plans'. The SPIN number was introduced as part of the SuperStream system, but it has now largely been replaced by the USI number.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is largely responsible for managing SPIN numbers. They have their own directory available where you can look up spin codes. You can use thier portal as an official record of superannuation funds and their SPIN codes. It is a free service (just like SuperNumber) and available to the public via their website.

It was the Super EC Council that first announced the initative to introduce SPIN numbers. They delivered a set of guidelines for the standardaisation of the identification number system used for Superannuation funds & services in Australia. APIR system were awarded the contract to produce a portal that made the new identification system available to end users (the Australian public). The initiative was supported (and quickly adopted) by the superannuation industry.

This information is provided for historical context, as SPIN number have become largely redundant. Due to the newly introduced USI Number, you should look into whether you actually need a SPIN number or a USI number.

Media Super SPIN Number (Superannuation Product Identification Number)
Media Super SPIN Number:PIN0100AU

The Super Income Stream USI number for Media Super is 42574421650001

Super Income Stream SPIN number is short for Super Income Stream Unique Superannuation Identifier number. In many cases the Super Income Stream USI number is identical to the superfunds USI number.

Media Super SIS USI Number (Super Income Stream Unique Superannuation Identifier)
Media Super SIS USI Number:42574421650001

The Super Income Stream USI number for Media Super is PIN0100AU

Super Income Stream SPIN number is short for Super Income Stream Unique Superannuation Identifier number. In many cases the Super Income Stream SPIN number is identical to the superfunds SPIN number.

Media Super SIS SPIN Number (Super Income Stream Superannuation Product Identification Number)
Media Super SIS SPIN Number:PIN0100AU

The ABN number of Media Super is 42 574 421 650

ABN stands for Australian Business Number. All business entities in Australia are required to register with the Australian governent in order to receive an ABN. Once registered, a unique abn is generated for the business and used as a unique identity for taxation and government reporting responsibilities. The Australian government provides a service to look up abn details. It can be used to determine abn, business name, address and status details.

All invoices must bear an ABN number to be considered a valid invoice in Australia. There can be penalties associated with generating & sending invoices that do not have an ABN present.

ABR is the Australian Business Registry service provided by the Australan government. They provide some fantastic tools for managing your business & reporting necessary details to the government. Through the ABR portal you can lookup your ABN & the details associated with other ABN's (one you've found on an invoice, for example).

Getting an ABN is free and easy, you can even do it online. Simply visit the ABR website, check that you're eligible, fill in a few details about your business and your ABN will be delivered by mail within a few days.

Not every business is eligible for an ABN (but 99% are). You need to be running (or about to start) a business within Australia (obviously). Employees are not applicable for an ABN, you would need to be a self contractor of some nature (the business would generally request an ABN from you, if it's applicable). You business activity needs to serious, not a hobby. If you're just kicking around a side project and don't intend to write invoices or make any money, don't bother with an ABN. Finally, taxation (GST). This only becomes necessary when you're turning over $75,000 or more within the business. This gives many businesses some leeway when it comes to GST, until their business starts to grow.

Media Super ABN Number (Australian Business Number)
Media Super ABN Number:42 574 421 650

The Media Super superannuation fund has a MySuper product under the name "Balanced". The MySuper Product number for Balanced is 42574421650098.

The MySuper Product number identifies a superfund that complies with MySuper legislation.

Media Super MySuper Product Number
Media Super MySuper Product Number:42574421650098

The RSE number, otherwise referred to as a Registerable Superannuation Entity Number, are issued to a superannuation to denote they're registered with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). RSE's are issued in accordance with section 56 of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act 1998 and Part 11A of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Amendment Regulations 2004 (No. 3) 2004 No. 113.
Only a regulated superannuation fund or an approved deposit fund or a pooled superannuation trust is applicable for an RSE, a self managed super fund (SMSF) is not eligible. Provisions for the registration of RSEs is provided under Part 2B of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (the SIS Act). You can verify the RSE by looking up the fund ABN on the APRA website.

Media Super RSE Number (Registerable Superannuation Entity Number)
Media Super RSE Number:R1000399

Media Super (fund provider) details

ABN number is short for Australian Business Number. An ABN is an 11 digit number which uniquely identifies a business entity. It it used by the community to provide a unique point of reference for a business. The ABN is also used by government for a number of tax & business reporting purposes. ABN's maintain a consistent pattern of 2, 3, 3 & 3 digits, for example: 22 333 333 333.

Media Super ABN Number (Australian Business Number)
Media Super ABN Number:30 059 502 948

All business that provides financial services must hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFS licence) in order to conduct their business. AFS licences are governed by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC). All superannuation providers (or trustees) are considered financial services providers and therefore must hold an AFS licence in order to conduct their business.

Media Super AFSL Number (Australian Financial Services License)
Media Super AFSL Number:230254

More About Media Super

Media Super is an industry superfund for those working in the Australia’s media industry, creative industry & digital sectors. Regardless of whether you are working full time, contracting, freelancing or working casually, you can join Media Super.

Media Super has over 100,000 members and more than $3.8 billion dollars in assets under management. Over 15,000 employers in Australia support Media Super for their employees retirement. As an industry super fund, Media Super has low fees and doesn’t pay commission to financial advisors. Media Super is a public super fund, so anyone can join. If you change careers, you can continue to contribute to your Media Super.

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You can call Media Super on 1800 640 886

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