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ISARF Fund Superannuation Fund Details

TTCSL is a Trustee company specialising in superannuation funds in Australia

What is ISARF Fund's USI number? 26065719853002

USI number is short for Unique Superannuation Identifier number. It was introduced as part of the SuperStream system, which came into effect in July 2014. The SuperStream system was introduced as a result of the Australian Federal Governments 'Stronger Super' reforms. The Stronger Super review was conducted between 2007 & 2013 and focused on the operation of Australia's superannuation scheme, it's structure and it's efficiency. SMSF funds are not issued a USI number, instead they use their ABN number as an identifier.

ISARF Superannuation Fund USI Number (Unique Superannuation Identifier)
ISARF Superannuation Fund USI Number:26065719853002

The ABN number of ISARF Superannuation Fund is 26 065 719 853

ABN stands for Australian Business Number. All business entities in Australia are required to register with the Australian governent in order to receive an ABN. Once registered, a unique abn is generated for the business and used as a unique identity for taxation and government reporting responsibilities. The Australian government provides a service to look up abn details. It can be used to determine abn, business name, address and status details.

All invoices must bear an ABN number to be considered a valid invoice in Australia. There can be penalties associated with generating & sending invoices that do not have an ABN present.

ABR is the Australian Business Registry service provided by the Australan government. They provide some fantastic tools for managing your business & reporting necessary details to the government. Through the ABR portal you can lookup your ABN & the details associated with other ABN's (one you've found on an invoice, for example).

Getting an ABN is free and easy, you can even do it online. Simply visit the ABR website, check that you're eligible, fill in a few details about your business and your ABN will be delivered by mail within a few days.

Not every business is eligible for an ABN (but 99% are). You need to be running (or about to start) a business within Australia (obviously). Employees are not applicable for an ABN, you would need to be a self contractor of some nature (the business would generally request an ABN from you, if it's applicable). You business activity needs to serious, not a hobby. If you're just kicking around a side project and don't intend to write invoices or make any money, don't bother with an ABN. Finally, taxation (GST). This only becomes necessary when you're turning over $75,000 or more within the business. This gives many businesses some leeway when it comes to GST, until their business starts to grow.

ISARF Superannuation Fund ABN Number (Australian Business Number)
ISARF Superannuation Fund ABN Number:26 065 719 853

The RSE number, otherwise referred to as a Registerable Superannuation Entity Number, are issued to a superannuation to denote they're registered with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). RSE's are issued in accordance with section 56 of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act 1998 and Part 11A of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Amendment Regulations 2004 (No. 3) 2004 No. 113.
Only a regulated superannuation fund or an approved deposit fund or a pooled superannuation trust is applicable for an RSE, a self managed super fund (SMSF) is not eligible. Provisions for the registration of RSEs is provided under Part 2B of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (the SIS Act). You can verify the RSE by looking up the fund ABN on the APRA website.

ISARF Superannuation Fund RSE Number (Registerable Superannuation Entity Number)
ISARF Superannuation Fund RSE Number:R1073119

The Trust Company (Superannuation) (fund provider) details

ABN number is short for Australian Business Number. An ABN is an 11 digit number which uniquely identifies a business entity. It it used by the community to provide a unique point of reference for a business. The ABN is also used by government for a number of tax & business reporting purposes. ABN's maintain a consistent pattern of 2, 3, 3 & 3 digits, for example: 22 333 333 333.

ISARF Superannuation Fund ABN Number (Australian Business Number)
ISARF Superannuation Fund ABN Number:49 006 421 638

In addition to an RSE number, superannuation providers are also issued with a RSEL, Registerable Superannuation Entity Licence number, by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). An RSE Licensee is provided to entity to denote that it has attained a RSE Licence granted by APRA under section 29D of the SIS Act.

ISARF Superannuation Fund RSEL Number (Registrable Superannuation Entity Licence Number)
ISARF Superannuation Fund RSEL Number:L0000635

More About ISARF Superannuation Fund

CCSL Limited (CCSL) and The Trust Company (Superannuation) Limited (TTCSL) are both independent, specialist Trustee companies focussing on superannuation funds in Australia, including retail master trusts, corporate funds, platform ‘wraps’, Pooled Superannuation Trusts, Eligible Rollover Funds and insurance only funds.

Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Diversa Limited, an ASX-listed financial services company.

CCSL has been in operation since June 2006 and TTCSL was previously owned by The Trust Company (established in 1885) and became a subsidiary of Diversa on 1 September 2014. Combined CCSL and TTCSL manage over 30 APRA Superannuation Funds and in excess of $6 billion of assets under management. Diversa Limited provides essential superannuation, risk and investment management products and services to wholesale clients. These clients include superannuation funds, financial advisers, accountants and fund managers

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The ISARF Superannuation Fund PDS is available here, or visit the the website of the super provider for the latest copy.