Legal Super added to

Legal Super has been added to this month. Employees can now select Legal Super as their super fund choice.

Legal Super is an industry super fund for the legal sector. Tho, you do not need to be a lawyer or working in the legal sector to join or choose this superfund. Membership is open to everyone. Legal Super has been operating since 1989. Legal Super offers a MySuper product as well as Choice Investment options and a Direct Investment option for those who wish to have more control on how their superannuation is invested.

As an industry superfund, Legal Super returns all fund profits to members. Industry funds also generally have very low fee’s, which ensures more of those profits are returned to members fund balances. Legal Supers fee’s differ based on the investment product your superannuation is assigned to, such as MySuper, Choice or Direct Investment.

In order to complete your Super Choice Form (if you choose to do so manually) you will require a number of administrative details regarding Legal Super’s fund. You will need Legal Super’s ABN, USI, Compliance Letter and either your full legal name at the fund or your member number. You can find the Legal Super USI number here. If you’ve been provided with a paper copy of the Super Choice Form, you will need to collect these details before you can complete your super choice. Alternatively, you may find it easier to complete your super choice form digitally by enter your details below.

Legal Super is a APRA compliant super fund, and is currently open to accepting new members and contributions. In order to select Legal Super as your new superfund you will need to provide your employer with the Legal Super Letter of Compliance. You can find a copy of the Legal Super Compliance Letter here.

Tho it’s no longer required on the super choice form, you may require it if you’ve been given an outdated super choice form. Legal Super’s fund address is required for the old version of the super choice form.

If you’re intested in selecting Legal Super as your super choice, simply fill out the form below and a Super Choice Form will be generated for you. Give your completed super choice form to your employer and they can start making contributions on your behalf to Legal Super.